Satish Varma

Satish Varma
Think and Grow Rich

During a failed business venture and facing bankruptcy, Satish Verma was introduced to Think and Grow Rich Realizing the impact Think and Grow Rich had on his personal and professional life which helped him to get out of bankruptcy in six months, he under took a mission to enrich the world through Think and Grow Rich. So, he bought the rights to teach Think and Grow Rich philosophy from the Napoleon Hill Foundation with a blank check. He believes that any human being can throw away the chains of limitations, poverty, and failure if one understands applies the core principles of Think and Grow Rich. He has been featured in Hollywood Movie called “THINK AND GROW RICH — THE LEGACY”. The Napoleon Hill Foundation recently honored him with its prestigious Gold Medal award for his meritorious and entrepreneur achievement, a medal that is given every four years to one individual in the whole world. Previous recipients of this honor include such personalities as Ted Turner and Earl Nightingale This is considered equivalent to Nobel Prize in personal development industry. He has been practicing Think and Grow Rich for over two decades. He will share his personal stories, business acumen, and insights from his years of experience in applying its philosophy of Think and Grow Rich, which will be very inspiring for all of us.

NOVEMBER 29 & 30, 2019


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